Kick-Off Camp 2019 focuses on the dynamic roller-coaster journey that is entrepreneurship in an engaging conversation led by members.

This interactive session features emerging entrepreneurs grilling three proven entrepreneurs to uncover formulas we can all borrow and learn from.

Whether you're just starting out or have a laser focused vision and well into the thick of making it real, Camp is first and foremost about time out with relevant people to be energised, informed and reinvigorated as we take on a new year.

This quality time away from our daily demands puts a handbrake on any linear thinking and as we pause the push of execution we're free to do quality, reflective and creative thinking that will fuel ourselves and our plans.

Camps reflects a compelling unique aspect of our community - that it includes women at every stage of the growth spectrum and where we share a relevant conversation about success as a contribution to each other.

We run three each year and are included with premium membership.

What you'll always get from Camp

3 times a year our community comes together to contribute to each other and bask in the insights & clarity this forum offers each of us. camps are 100% led by members who willingly step up for one reason: to be a contribution.

  • time out to reflect, review and be energised to take on your next level
  • awareness to recognise the depth of our own internal resources
  • learning from generous fellow members who want to add to your success
  • quality time with like minded women to build your network of champions
  • opportunities to add your skill & experience to others on the same journey
  • participate in the annual induction of 3 immense women into the Hall of Fame

Wednesday, Mar 6th , 2.00pm - 5.00pm
ASB CUBE, LEVEL 1, 12 Jellicoe St, North Wharf AK
for your budget
Standard Ticket $425 (+gst)
ticket included with premium membership
women entrepreneurs week kick-off Camp 2019

Camp is a key feature of Women Entrepreneurs Week, which celebrates the diversity of our success. 

Instigated in 2010 by Co.OfWomen, Women Entrepreneurs Week is a vehicle for getting the word out about that diversity as a contribution to women everywhere working on their own success.

In addition to Kick-Off camp, Women Entrepreneurs Week will also include the 2019 inductions to the New Zealand Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs, the release of the new issue of co. magazine, and a national campaign to champion female success.

2-4.30pm = Getting in, getting through and getting out

This interactive Session features two panels of members from either end of the entrepreneurial spectrum.

Panel one features three proven entrepreneurs and will feature inductees to the New Zealand Hall of Fame for women Entrepreneurs. These are the generous been there done it group who dig deep to share as a contribution to our success.

Panel two features three emerging entrepreneurs at different stages of the journey. Their job is to elicit as much wisdom, know how and street smarts as possible to add to our collective kits.

The session will also feature an open Q&A so bring your questions and let's make the most of this awesome opportunity.

5-7.30pm = 2019 induction ceremony & cocktail function

Induction Ceremony to The New Zealand Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs

2019 will see 3 more outstanding women inducted to the New Zealand Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs.

The ceremony is your opportunity to participate in a momentous event, honouring women whose success has paved the way, whose brilliance has changed the way things get done and whose generosity has impacted our world for good.

You can get to know them during the cocktail function that follows.

>>Check out the 21 women already inducted


Tickets to all three Camps (including the Hall of Fame ceremony) are included for PREMIUM members.

Attend for free by activating a premium membership at just $74.45 (+gst) per month and get a raft of direct support to champion your growth.

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