We develop confident, high-performing leaders.

The knowledge, connections and learning to unleash your potential.


Direct Support

Stay on track with your goals and build momentum with expert coaching, experienced mentors and facilitated connections to others dedicated to your success.

Events & Programes

Step out of your day-to-day to connect and learn with others on the same journey. Experience the collective spirit through intimate gatherings conferences.


Participate in Aotearoa's most powerful, generous business network with thousands of wāhine ready to activate their influence on behalf of each other. Together we're stronger.


Programmes to harness your distinct power and equip you with everything you'll need to smash every ceiling in pursuit of the difference you're committed to making.

We see you, we hear you, we are you.

Co.OfWomen has developed a globally unparalleled membership for women at every stage of success - employed and self-employed.

Built on a community that welcomes all, our generous network is home to thousands of women ready to activate their influence on behalf of each other.

At the heart of our approach is the Three Pillars Model. Developed and refined over a decade, it combines a deep understanding of human performance, gendered leadership, commercial and professional best practice.

Grounded in providing practical know-how, resources, knowledge and connections, we ensure you have what you need to smash your goals and make the difference you're committed to for your success journey.

Wondering if Membership is right for you?

We know you've got your hands full with life, so we make prioritising your development as easy and accessible as possible. To accommodate busy schedules and a community spread across Aotearoa, many of our support and event activities are online.

Importantly, as a member, your success journey is curated to ensure you get exactly what you need, for the stage you're at. Want to learn more? Book a 10-minute call and find out how we can help you.

Sophie gilmour | for profit, for good | board chair

"It's about my success empowering other women."

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