Dr Lee Mathias ONZM

Founding Chair, Patron

being successful is the most exciting part but it can also be a slow, tough road and, at times, a truly lonely one.

I initially joined Co.OfWomen as I could see that this organisation was meeting a real and previously unmet need for female entrepreneurs, offering relevant support I would have been very grateful to have at different points in my own entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurship is about being innovative, doing business in different ways to get and maintain the competitive advantage that will ensure sustainability, and all the benefits success brings with it. Women often have compelling ideas about doing things differently but can get stifled by the traditional framework of business as well as by our own distinctive Achilles heels.

As New Zealands leading female business brand I'm proud of how far we've come since tara and I sat down over a cup of tea all those years ago to discuss this idea of hers, it is making a big difference for many women.

I invite you to join us and take advantage of the myriad of resources developed with your success in mind.

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we're a connected hub of entrepreneurial women – our job is to support and champion success

so who are these entrepreneurial women?

  • we’re a diverse range of business owners, across many industries
  • some of us work inside organisations we’re passionate about, innovating from the inside
  • we think big from the outset – risk-takers, we’re leaders, driven by our values first and foremost
  • we’re building talented, passionate teams to realise our vision & goals
  • many have global reach in view, others already there, their impact steadily growing
  • a number are innovating at the forefront of industries and markets – creating movements
  • most are mothers so our time is uniquely challenged and at an absolute premium
  • we struggle most often with balance; many, with confidence
  • what drives most is the opportunity to win at the game we chose, or invented
  • for most winning means resources to enable an impact beyond our own lives, on our planet, in our time
  • so the job at hand for each, is becoming the person who can deliver that…
  • it requires expanded resilience, self-belief, skill and abilities at each new level to realise the success we see
  • co.ofwomen was founded to connect & champion these women it was founded by entrepreneurs and is led by them
  • we know the challenges, we’ve experienced the journey we know first hand what’s at stake
  • so we’re fanatical in our commitment to success, mine, yours, on our terms
  • everything we offer serves this single objective we’ve worked out just what that takes and, we’ve got your back!

Tara Lorigan, Founder

Tara Lorigan mnzm

Founder, CEO

Our People

we know the challenges, we’ve experienced the journey, we know first hand what’s at stake, so we’re fanatical in our commitment to success, mine, yours, on our terms

Tara was made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to Business and Women in 2016.

Tara started out in the IT industry as a marketer progressing into a range of senior roles in NZ and the UK for multi-nationals such as Apple, Sun, IBM and 3Com. She moved to working with smaller businesses during the dot com boom and ultimately to a fab start-up in London. Tara moved back to NZ when the boom went bust and founded her own business to support smaller home grown businesses like Pita Bread Ltd and the iconic Bookabach grow. Things took a further turn when she took up the role of running the country’s award winning Business Incubator, the AUT Innovation Park where, alongside start-up entrepreneurs, she developed the Incubators highly successful Rapid Growth Programme winning a Vero ‘Excellence in Business’ award for that. Next she decided to try to develop a business that could grow beyond herself and started a research project that led to the launch of Co.OfWomen.

You can contact tara directly on 021 926934 or tara@coofwomen.biz

What we care about - for profit, for good

It’s definitely about commercial success
because of what that success offers us and the difference it can make to our planet

For ourselves


The fact that our business is a vehicle we created where we get to express our skill, talent and ability is so energising.

Every day we ‘get into the boxing ring’ with ourselves and get to see what we’re made of. It’s often frustrating, but as we learn, we do better and few things beat the satisfaction of seeing your invention become successful, meaningful and useful in the world.

For ourselves


Ultimately, it's about mastering ourselves - becoming the person who can deliver, what from the outset we can so clearly see. That is what enables to be successful  and to create the options of importance for ourselves and the people we love.

The options usually include money but often includes other things, like the ability to take more time, without question, our single scarcest resource.

For ourselves


When we're confidently taking care of ourselves and those we love we’re usually in the best position to dedicate ourselves to the raft of what we tongue in cheek call ‘good for nothing’ projects we also care about.

Making a difference is a conscious driver of most female entrepreneurial endeavours and when we marry making a lot of money, with doing a lot of good - this is a most potent formula.

Our Champion Supporters

Founded by serial entrepreneur and insurance industry doyenne, Naomi Ballantyne ONZM, Co.OfWomen are thrilled to have Partners Life as a Gold Partner. 

Naomi was inducted by Co.OfWomen into the New Zealand Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs in 2013 for her significant achievements and generosity and is an exemplary leader who walks the talk.

We’re stoked to have ASB as a sponsor of Co.OfWomen.

Their CEO Vittoria Shortt leads a culture of doing the stuff that makes a difference and their passionate team are fully engaged in supporting our fantastic joint endeavours.