Space for Ourselves as Leaders

The other day, I reset my office. While working from home, I've learned to create different spaces around the room. A space for my desk, a space for writing and recording songs, and one for podcasting, filming and interviewing.

In one corner of the room, this is a great big moon chair, which takes up a lot of room.

As I hustled Around the office, I considered getting rid of it, but when I sat down for a moment, something happened.

The sun shone in on me, the cat came and curled up on my lap, and I took a deep breath. I felt calm and safe as I realised - this is a space for ME!

As leaders, we are really good at making space for others. We make space for our businesses for our family and friends, but we also need to ensure we treat ourselves with the same respect and care.

My question to you today on your leadership journey is this - where is YOUR space?
  • Is it found in your calendar where you carve out time for yourself amongst the other demands of your business?
  • Is it a physical space where you can sit down and literally or figuratively curl up in the sunshine?
  • Is it a hobby or a habit that feels like it's just for your own growth or nurture?

As wāhine we tend to care for others, but it is vital that as leaders, we also do the important task of creating space for ourselves.

Julia Grace has been Co.OfWomen Member since 2020


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