Naomi's top five sanity soothers

RUNNING – There are many times I don’t want to do it but I go anyway. There’s the silence. It’s not total as birds are tweeting but there are no cars, no noise, and no people. It’s soul food. I feel like a million bucks afterwards with an answer I might need in my head.
PRAYER – I think ‘OK, I’ve said it now, I’ve passed it on’. It works for me to have someone to pass problems on to for a moment. It’s the same principle as running; you get the problem out so it makes space for something creative to come in.
DOING THE BASICS – There are times I just can’t think any more so I’ll do operational tasks. Then I feel like I’ve had a day where I’ve finished some work. On normal days I answer an email and 56 others come in and I don’t get that sense of ‘this is what I’ve done today’. Sometimes I just need that.
BALANCE – People talk about work/life balance but work is my life. Kris has grown up, my mum passed a year ago so there was a huge space to fill and today I can fill it with work without feeling guilty that I am letting someone else down.
GOLF – Kerry and I have taken up golf, and my son and daughter-in-law play too. It is such a special time with family and the gorgeous surroundings while feeding our competitive needs.