“Other than walking, people watching and sitting in the cool breeze at the beach, I do sit mindlessly in front of the TV sometimes!” - CLARE PARKES, BEYOND PERFORMANCE
“It doesn’t matter how stressed I am, or how busy things are, a good run will put it all back into perspective.” - PENNY HARTILL, HARTILL PR
"I go to the beach. It reminds me of how lucky and thankful I am to live in New Zealand.” - NIKKI PRENDERGAST, CHILD LABOUR FREE & NEW SHOOTS
Michelle’s bliss is going to the beach, too. “It’s where I contemplate where to next.” - MICHELLE PRATT, CHILD LABOUR FREE & NEW SHOOTS
“For an instant hit, I light an aromatherapy candle and take a good long inhale – it always makes me feel grateful and kick-starts a more relaxed me.” - TARA LORIGAN, CO.OFWOMEN
“I go to the family bach. The energy of the ocean is very restorative. It’s a great time-out place to think." - CHRISTINE SHARMA, RUBY
“My happy place is spending time with my family and my husband. It makes me feel ‘normal’ if I’m a bit overstretched. It usually involves food, wine and reading or watching a movie – not to mention a great big sleep!” - SOPHIE GILMOUR, BIRD ON A WIRE
“Exercise is huge for me for all-round wellbeing. I’ve been doing Balance classes (mix of yoga, Pilates and t’ai chi) the last couple of years and that has been life changing. It really seems to be the perfect mix of physical challenge and mental settling. I am also very fortunate to have a home I love being in and an extremely supportive partner - coming home at night always relaxes me.” - LIBBY CRAWFORD, LIBBY & BEN - THE CREATIVE AGENCY
“My bliss is cooking for people. It’s how I relax. That’s why we’ve got a big dining table. There’ll be family and an eclectic bunch of friends. I always completely over-cater and send everyone home with the next day’s lunch.” - MIMI GILMOUR, BURGER BURGER
“Mmmm... finding my bliss. It varies. And it updates and moves over time. Currently it’s meditating, plus green juices, plus boxing. Boxing is bizarrely but addictively blissful right now. It is so intensely mentally absorbing that everything else drops away and all that is left is an active sensation of bliss.” - LOUISE THOMPSON, LOUISETHOMPSON.COM
“I have a facial once a month, and at least twice a year I have a weekend escape with the girls that consists of good food, great company and lots of lying on the beach and laughter. To help with daily balance, I run. Headphones on and pounding the pavement surrounded by natural landscapes. It helps me to clear my head, to get out of the office and into some fresh air, and the after-effects of those excited endorphins is fabulous!” - QIANE MATATA-SIPU, QIANE MEIA + PHOTOGRAPHY
“I’m indoors and online all day, so getting out into nature is important to me. I love being in the garden. I love flowers and I love growing my own herbs, vegetables and fruit. If I can walk out the back door and pick my own strawberries, blueberries, guavas, apples, pears, mandarins, oranges... I’m in heaven. Everything suddenly feels calm and blissful." - JANE WRIGGLESWORTH, SWEET LIVING MAGAZINE