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Thousands of women across Aotearoa at every stage dedicated to supporting each other.

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Monthly sessions led by Co.OfWomen founder delivering modules for every stage

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Absorb and learn from women in our community at every stage.

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Follow along the relevant discussions to stimulate your thinking.

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MEMBERSHIP IS OFFERED ON THESE TERMS = (1) All memberships are annual (2) Membership Fees are made by Credit Card (3) All memberships can be canceled after 12 months (4) We email 2 renewal reminders (5) Membership will renew unless you cancel at renewal date

PRIME Membership

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  • Membership of a powerful, generous community dedicated to their own and each other's success
  • A comprehensive digital platform, updated regularly featuring videos, podcasts and other resources made by us and our community for each other
  • Pre-release invitations to our major events so you can gather online and face to face
  • Receive special discounts on upgrades to PRIME & PREMIUM
  • Prices are GST exclusive