Join with other peers in sessions focused on support, shared intel & practical resources.

Though we have recently found ourselves in unusually uncertain times, with some big consequences for some, uncertainty is a fundamental reality of life.  Importantly, being equipped to not just deal with this but to thrive is the ultimate achievable outcome.

These weekly sessions bring premium members together to share from the depth of their individual resources as a contribution to each other - to access the support and resources we each as leaders need to add to our own and to learn from those further down the road from us.

On these weekly video calls we will

·      Get to know more relevant peers as a source of inspiration to our journey

·      Expand our toolkit of resources to address the obstacles we're working on overcoming

·      Act as champions to others who can benefit from our unique perspectives and resources

·      Fortify ourselves and our businesses with the ongoing input of relevant champions 

·      Enhance our solutions focus, resilience and confidence as key success traits

These sessions are practical, focused and encouraging and we hope you'll join us. 

Wednesday, Oct 6th , 9.30am - 10.30am
Zoom LIVE Video Call
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$39.00 (standard fee)
$0.00 (included with PREMIUM membership)

about power-on

  • We have 'Home Group' and 'Specialist Group' options
  • powerON Home Groups run fortnightly at three different days/times
  • Choose the Home Group that's the best fit time-wise for your schedule
  • You can attend any of the Home Group sessions eg. if you can't make yours that week
  • Specialist Groups run monthly and also available to all

powerON sessions are exclusively available with PREMIUM membership.

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