There's no question that sustained success is a function of understanding how to be in optimal performance mode.  But what is optimal and how do I stay in optimal mode?

Great questions to be asking at the beginning of a new year as we each gear into delivering what we most want from 2018 and we're stoked to deliver a programme dedicated specifically to that.

Our  performance programme has a neuroscience basis and will add a raft of practical tools & resources, expand our thinking and equip us to achieve the results of most importance for us.


If you only did one programme this year, this is the one and we want to ensure that everyone who wants to, can. So if for any reason you'd love to but cant manage the fee, get in touch with Christina and we'll make it happen email:

Thursday, Feb 22nd , 9.30am - 2.30pm
EY - 2 Takutai Square, Britomart, Auckland
for your budget
standard fee $350 +gst
premium fee $245 +gst

what power>ON performance will cover

The Female factor - the innate qualities we can draw on to charge our success 

Our Core Role - clearly defining the core role and what we must deliver

Mindset - having a core mode of thinking that empowers and creates authentic motivation

Habits - what determines how we focus and what we do

Time - making our most precious resource accommodate our most important priorities

Focus - how to switch into and stay in the performance mode that delivers

note on programme finish

The start/finish times have been set to accommodate those who have to drop off/pick up children, so the core modules above will be covered off by 2.30pm. 

For those who can stay, another hour is included in the programme for additional Q&A and discussion which will complete at 3.30pm.

about power>ON workshops

power>ON is a programme of stand-alone monthly workshops that enable us to dig into specific growth challenges, build our understanding of how to progress, learn new tools and add fresh thinking to add to our own.

it's a plug-in option

The monthly workshops are structured to focus on one topic, so we can plug in to the sessions that seem useful for us or attend all.

For those interested in ongoing learning attending power>ON ensures we build our understanding and confidence at pace.  But depending on our stage and focus, attending just the sessions we feel are of most relevance, means we’ll have a reliable way to tailor-fit the learning as we decide fits our focus and schedule.

power>ON workshops provide

  • a regular premium option to do quality thinking & learning
  • flexibility to attend all sessions or just plug-in to the sessions that fit your focus & schedule
  • morning and afternoon sessions to fit most schedules
  • reflective, strategic time to progress challenges of importance to the growth of the business
  • an expanded tool kit of practical ‘how-to’ options
  • access to trusted experts to add to our thinking who can work alongside us
  • expanded network of relevant peers & champions

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