Get to know Rhona Kite MNZM, Frances Valintine CNZM and Maxine Simmons CNZM, our 2022 Hall of Fame Inductees. 

They received this award because their success has paved the way, their brilliance has changed the way things are done and their generosity has impacted our world for the better.

Rhona is an indigenous language translation trailblazer who has focused her career on the future of creative labour, skills, and technologies.

Frances is a tech futurist, entrepreneur, educator and technologist who is focused on the future of work, skills and technologies.

Maxine is a biotech pioneer, entrepreneur, investor, and champion of the early-stage biotech industry in Aotearoa.

Our inductees and our awesome founder, Tara Lorigan, are looking forward to providing real success building goodness to your day! This event is FREE for all women so don't forget to let your gals know too!

Thursday, Aug 25th , 11.30am - 12.30pm
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FREE to ALL women - Registration is essential pls!

In this online sesh, we'll get to know our inductees and how they have evolved into the women they are today.
>>Join us at this session to add to your thinking and ensure your eyes remain on the frontiers of your own success journey.
A GIFT TO ALL WOMEN - free to all
We're determined to make a difference to as many women as possible during these especially challenging times so don't forget to share this so other women can also benefit!

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