join us at growth camp as we uncover the real journey of success

Wednesday, Mar 16th , 12.30pm - 7.00pm
ASB CUBE, LEVEL 1, 12 Jellicoe St, North Wharf AK
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Camp is first and foremost about stepping away from the day to day grind to do reflective, strategic thinking, to have our vision refreshed, and to be energised by a relevant tribe committed to each others success.

Camp is about members across the spectrum coming together to add to each others success. So no matter what your focus or where you're up to with it, this is for you.

Growth Camp is about rolling up our sleeves and working on ourselves and contributing to others. This is enabled by the Growth Camp format that sees us convene around small group tables that will facilitate quality discussion and reflection.

Our 2022 Programme features 3 sessions that focus on essential thinking and tools related to the Real Journey of Success led by our founder and other incredible member of our community. 

>> Sessions include interactive Q&As, personal reflection and small group discussions.   

 What you'll always get from Conference

Twice each year our community comes together to contribute to each other and bask in the insights & clarity this forum offers each of us. Conference is 100% led by members who willingly step up for one reason: to be a contribution and promises:

  • time out to reflect, review and be energised to take on your next level
  • awareness to recognise the depth of our own internal resources
  • learning from generous fellow members who want to add to your success
  • quality time with like minded women to build your network of champions
  • opportunities to add your skill & experience to others on the same journey

Growth Conference


We're stoked to include Growth Conference in the line-up of our Tenth Anniversary Celebration activities. We've chosen the theme 'The Real Journey of Success' because so often, as women, we compare ourselves to the seemingly less tricky journey of others.

We know based on our own and the thousands of success journey's we've had the privilege of championing that success is a hard fought for prize that often demands more than we even knew we had to give and require us to evolve into THE best version of ourselves that we have been and that this is the ultimate prize.

Over three Sessions at Growth Camp we'll explore optimal formulas, hear about just how unpredictable the journey is, and how even so-called failures are essential for every success journey.


In addition to coaching, mentoring, facilitated connections and our full digital platform, tickets to all 3 camps are included with PREMIUM membership - they're also included with PLUS and you can get a PLUS or PREMIUM membership going here.

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