The How-to of Business Strategy | Online Workshop

The How-to of Business Strategy | Online Workshop

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The How-To of Business Strategy session is led by Co.OfWomen Chair, Business Consultant and experienced entrepreneur Sophie Gilmour. Whether you're an established entrepreneur or starting out, a clear and effective business strategy is crucial to your success.

What you’ll take away from the online programme

  • We will explore the fundamentals of business strategy, why it is important, and how you can create a simple yet powerful one-page business strategy that can guide your business.
  • We will also delve into the relationship between business strategy, business planning, and brand strategy and how they all work together to drive efficiency and create confidence and clarity for leaders.
  • We will discuss how a well-crafted business strategy can help you stay focused on important issues and measure progress and success in your business. By removing emotion and opinion from the decision-making table, business strategy can provide a solid foundation for making sound business decisions.
  • We will explore how to revisit, review, and refresh your business strategy annually to ensure that it continues to align with your business goals and evolving market conditions.


Join other business owners in setting aside quality time to develop high levels of confidence and competence to deliver the success you deserve.

Meet our expert Sophie Gilmour | Board Chair

Sophie co-founded the iconic restaurant brand Bird on a Wire before leaving her budding law career. After selling the business in 2019, she’s dedicated her time to championing the hospitality sector. She is involved in a number of hospitality ventures, including Everybody Eats, Dine Aid, Fatimas and Future Food Aotearoa. As well as running her own consultancy, advises hospitality businesses on growth and shares her extensive knowledge, and is Co.OfWomen's board chair.

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