Prime Chief | Annual Membership

Prime Chief | Annual Membership

One-off Payment Option:               $2,485.00
12-month installment Payment Option:     $225.00

<< Pictured is Prime Chief Member, Frances Benge - CEO, Cure Kids 
For Executive Leaders

You’ve done the yards and achieved much success, on the way up you’ve also invigorated the journey of many wāhine – thank you. But, if you’re anything like the rest of us, your journey is far from over! We believe that all leaders deserve world-class resources, as well as an egalitarian network ready to activate their influence for the good of each other. We’ve been crafting that in service to the successful journey of thousands of business wāhine for more than a decade and we’d be honoured to do that for you.

  • A powerful, generous network
    We built Co.OfWomen on a powerful, generous network that features women at every stage of success from starters to executives and a diverse range of sectors.  The purpose of the network is to facilitate connection in ways that work for women with communities of interest and relevance to a woman's success journey.  These communities will change over time as our needs change.  Each of our participation in the network is based on a mutual commitment to fundamental values of respect, openness and generosity - we agree to activate our influence and resources on behalf of each other. Membership facilitates a range of options for making the right connection at every stage of our journey.

  • Peer support through monthly zoom sessions
    Monthly sessions with other executives, facilitated by proven leaders such as Theresa Gattung, focus on sharing intelligence, resources, connections and the wonderful moral support from others who understand. Benefit from the generosity of spirit that comes from a trusted community ready to activate their influence and resources for each other.

  • In-person quarterly gatherings with fellow frontier thinkers
    Our IGNITE Leader series fills an often missing space in our Leader journey – quality, intimate time with other executive leaders.  IGNITE is a time to invigorate ourselves and to add the weight of our experience for the benefit of each other to make a bigger difference for all. Hosted by leaders in our community, each gathering features an interview kōrero, discussion and time for connection.

  • Executive mentorship with skilled, experienced, leaders
    The ability to be connected with diversely skilled, experienced leaders who will generously share their time to be a contribution to you is a huge advantage of your membership. In consultation with you, we identify and facilitate connections to the right people that are a fit for you, every time this would be useful for you.

  • Tickets to our annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
    We launched the New Zealand Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs Te Whare Whakahōnore i ngā Rakahinonga Wāhine o Aotearoa in 2012 to recognise and celebrate the diversity of success of Aotearoa's most successful entrepreneurs. The unique ceremony has developed over the years in collaboration with wāhine Māori within our community and is a huge highlight of the year. Nominations are welcomed for women within and outside of our community each year.

  • Share your wisdom to benefit emerging leaders at our conferences.
    As an experienced leader, many women will benefit from your knowledge and understanding. With hundreds of women in attendance, our annual Conferences are one of the ways you can add your experience for the benefit of many women.

  • Mentor rising leaders with facilitated introductions
    One of the greatest attributes of our community is the generosity of our members. Mentoring is a way to make a powerful contribution to another woman's success journey. Finding the right fit for you both will be important and our team will help to ensure this. The scale of our community also means we have plenty of mentors to go around.

  • 30% off development programmes
    In recognition of your loyalty as a member, you'll receive a discount off events and programmes not included with membership (Eg. Executive Coaching which is not included but available).

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