Leader Fundamentals Programme

Leader Fundamentals Programme

$425.00 +GST

Start date: Tuesday May 16th
Where: Zoom LIVE Video Call
Leader Fundamentals is a masterclass programme dedicated to you up with the habits that will ensure buoyant confidence and that burnout is a thing of the past.

It's become clear that women leaders are at the effect of burnout in a particular way due to our many roles.  This is compounded by the  impact of technology on our 21st century existence.  These two combined create a toxic always-on mode for most.  

The benefit of this modern era is that research has proven the habits that can ensure we are able to consistently operate at optimal.  High Performance is actually about doing less but being hyper focused on what's important.  The Leader Fundamentals Masterclass series provides four sessions, over four months to allow each set of habits time to be embedded so we can experience a huge shift in how we experienced our success journey, and more of the results that are important for us.

    Four powerful modules to set the Leader up:
    >> Sessions are on the third Tuesday of each month from May 16

    • May 16 - Session 1  | Leader Time & Thinking
    • June 20 - Session 2  | Leader Energy
    • July 18 - Session 3  | Leader Self-trust
    • August 15 - Session 4 | Leader Identity

    Join other leaders in setting aside quality time to build the habits that will change your life.

    >> zoom details sent on registration

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