The Patron's Fund provides co-funded Scholarship Memberships at a time when the business owner cannot otherwise affort it.

The purpose of the fund is to equip and connect woman with world-class practical support, resources, and connections to enable them to navigate what for many will be the most challenging times they have experienced in business.

The overall goal is to depeen personal and business resilience ensuring that their business not only survives, but thrives.

Who can contribute?

We invite any person, business, or organisation with a desire to be of practical support to women to contribute to The Patron's Fund.

The Fund’s initial contributors Co.OfWomen and members of our Community. Our community reflects women at every stage of success both employed and self employed. Through their contribution, our members make a constructive expression of a core value of the community expressed in the saying 'we've got your back'.

"As a Community, we choose to be there for each other through every part of the journey, especially the tough times.

The Patron's Fund shows we keep that commitment"

- Tara Lorigan | Co.ofWomen CEO & Founder


The Patron's Fund provides epic world-class practical support, resources and connections for business owners by offering them a PREMIUM Growth Membership at half the cost.

The other half of the membership fee is co-funded by Co.OfWomen and our members who contributed to the fund.

>> Find out what PREMIUM Growth Membership includes here

Apply for a Scholarship

You are warmly invited to submit an application for a Scholarship for a PREMIUM Growth Membership by emailing concierge@coofwomen.biz

Share the difference you believe this will make for you and your business and we'll be in touch asap!

Donate to the Fund

All members are welcome to make a donation to The Patron's Fund and any amount that works for you. Email: concierge@coofwomen.biz

Thank YOU for considering doing that to champion another woman!