Meet Our Community

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder in an invisible army of unconditional support from the experienced, knowledgeable business women who make up our community. Access the well of knowledge and experience that flows throughout our community and draw on one anothers knowledge, generosity, and grounding, to channel your own mana.

Lou Theobald


Hannah Thomas


Jacqui Thomas

Jacqui Thomas - Coaching, Consulting, Communicatio

Julie Thomas

The Career Development Company

Kirsty Thomas

Strategic HR Ltd

Kristyn Thomas


Hayley Thompson


Heidi Thompson


Mel Thompson

Personal Touch Gifts

Anna Thompson-Ford

Pro You Limited

Hanna Thomsen

Produce Company

Amy Thomsen


Sophie Thoreau

Buddle Findlay

Gemma Thornton


Heitura Tiai


Nicole Tiefensee

Carla Van Tiel

Manhattan Enterprises Ltd t/a the Style Stop

Sarah Tietjen

Xero Ltd

Sonya Tikao

Tahi Group

Nina Till

Highline HR

Zoe Timbrell


Anna Timu


Ripeka Timutimj

MAUAO Associates

Lauren Tinsley


Ebony Tiopira-Waaka

Stuck On Mew

Nicola Todd


Amelia Todd

MumBoss Limited

Nelly Todorova


Cilla Tofilau

Office Artistes

Sarah Tohill

Extend Marketing

Mandy Tomlinson

Taylor Boutique

Fiona Tomlinson

The Dam Fine Gin Company Limited

Zoey Tomlinson




Srishti Toora


Kathryn Topp


Leah Topp

Show Me Your Debits

Kaitlin Tose


Lucy Tothill

Educating Girls Globally

Julie Townend

Peter Gower NZ Ltd

Josie Townsend


Stephanie Townsend

Catch Consulting

Ivana Tranchini

Visa Inc

Lee Treadaway


Marina Treadaway

Marina Treadaway

Deb Treder

Zinc New Zealand Limited

Romana Trego

Auckland Theatre Compnay

Angela Tremayne


Renee Trenberth


Claire Trent