Meet Our Community

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder in an invisible army of unconditional support from the experienced, knowledgeable business women who make up our community. Access the well of knowledge and experience that flows throughout our community and draw on one anothers knowledge, generosity, and grounding, to channel your own mana.

Lisa King

Eat My Lunch & AF Drinks

Natalya King


Stephanie King


Tracey King


Amy Kingston-Turner

Source Law

Amy Kingston-Turner

Source Legal

Leah Kininmonth


Marianne Kinley-Cotter


Amanda Kinzett

Amanda Kinzett & Co

Nichola Te Kiri


Hayley Kirk-Smith

Real Estate

Brianna Kirkham


Leah Kirkland


Emma Kirkman

People Labs

Nicole Kirsch


Anna Kirschberg

Beanstalk Books

Bronwyn Kirwan

Fidelity Life

Bayley Kite


Rachel Klaver


Catriona Knapp


Julia Knight


Lisa Knowler

House of March

Catherine Knowles


Amber Knowsley


Sally Knox

Yellow NZ

Carmel Kolovos

As You Like It Cleaning Services

Anastasia Koltsova

Archibald and Shorter Auckland

Ayshen Koyu


Nikita Kramer


Tanya Kravcenko

Beanies 2 U

Grace Kreft

Angel Delivery

Emma Krouglova


Bridie Kruck


Jennifer Kruger


Lillian Kuan


Vicky Kufeldt


Bhavisha Kumar

The Good Karma Company

Janice Kumar-Ward

Jkw Interior Architecture and design ltd

Shamaila Kunwal


Gau Kurman

Primo Digital

Amber Kuys-Clarke


Kirstie Kuzniarski


Anna Kydd

The Tea Curator

Wutyee Kyipyar

Mother Earth Tourism Specialists