Meet Our Community

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder in an invisible army of unconditional support from the experienced, knowledgeable business women who make up our community. Access the well of knowledge and experience that flows throughout our community and draw on one anothers knowledge, generosity, and grounding, to channel your own mana.

Marisa Fong

Madison Group

Lauren Fong

Icehouse Ventures

Tanya Fong

Water Supply Products Ltd

Sheryl Fonoti


Christina Force

Thunk Ltd.

Brenda Ford

Zoom Technologies Ltd

Kirsten Ford


Lisa Ford


Noleen Forlong

From Paper With Love Co

Julia Forsyth


Rosie Forsythe

Air New Zealand

Becca Foster

The Giltrap Group

Bev Foster

Connecting Moments

Mairead Fountain


Michelle Fourie

Pinnacle Electrical

Rachel Fowler


Orielle Fox

The Spark Workshop

Amirtha Francis


Jane Francis

Ex Design Ltd

Priya Francis


Heidi Frank


Kylie Frank

Bubzy Box

Laura Frankenschmidt

Lyttleton Lights

Liz Frankland


Abbie Franklin

Wine Savvy

Holly Sarah Fraser

Baby Yoga

Carol Fraser


Sarah Fraser


Tina Fraser

Helen's School of Swimming

Lucy Frater


John Frear

Giltrap Group

Lani French


Melissa Frerk


Melissa Frerk


Siobhán Frie


Jillian Friedlander


Sereca Friend

In the making

Angelique Fris-Taylor


Deserae Frisk

Waikato Regional Council

Sarah Frizzell

The Lucky Taco

Ema Frost


Katrina Frost

ASB Bank Ltd

Emily Furrell

Greenpeace Aotearoa

Emily Furrell