Meet Our Community

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder in an invisible army of unconditional support from the experienced, knowledgeable business women who make up our community. Access the well of knowledge and experience that flows throughout our community and draw on one anothers knowledge, generosity, and grounding, to channel your own mana.

Julia Doak


Shontelle Dodd


Colette Doherty


Tania Domett


Nicole Donahoe


Ruth Donde

Vital Futures

Jessica Xin Dong


Jo Donnelly


Kelly Donovan


Eleanor Dorn


Karen Dorrell


Karen Doucas

Zone Law

Angie Dougal


Lisa Douglas

ASB Bank Limited

Sarah Douglas

Sarah Connell Design

Fran Drager

Goldie Store

Jennifer Dragland


Claire Drake


Lou Draper


Caitlin Draper-Wheeler


Megan Dravitzki

Megan Dravitzki Consulting

Chrissy Dropich

James Dunlop Textiles

Peri Drysdale

Untouched World

Margot Duane

Margot Duane Photography

Rachelle Duffy


Amanda Dumbleton


Lisa Dunbar


Kelly Duncan


Scott Duncan

Aspire Executive Search

Taylor Duncan

European Motor Distributors

Sue Dunmore

Rose & Thorne

Nicky Dunn

Think and Do Marketing

Jessica Dunn

Cocacola Amatil

Kristin Dunne-Powell

GRO Limited

Kerry Dunphy


Fiona Durney


Christina Duthill

Balao Yoga

Nimita Dutt

Nimita Dutt

Stephanie Duvander


Gendi Dwight


Michelle Dyer


Chloe Van Dyke


Emma Dymond