Meet Our Community

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder in an invisible army of unconditional support from the experienced, knowledgeable business women who make up our community. Access the well of knowledge and experience that flows throughout our community and draw on one anothers knowledge, generosity, and grounding, to channel your own mana.

Aleisha Coote


Kirsten Copley


Alex Corbett


Sarah Cordtz

Penney and Bennett Limited

Qiane Corfield


Sue Corkill


Lucy Corleison


Denise Corlett


Kandy Corvette

Dcodeda Ltd

Kat Costelloe


Sarah Cotterall


Jo Couchman


Francesca Coulibaly


Beth Coulson


Gina Couper

Global Mind Screen

Kenina Court

Pathfinder Solutions LP

Sophie Cousso


Carolyn Cowdell


Anna Cowie


Lea Cowley


Ash Cowper

Habit co

Toni Cox

Beauty Bliss

Annabel Coxon

Global Women

Verity Craft


Suzan Craig


Mary Crampton

Magnify Consulting

Emma Crawshay

Seaside Sleep

Chelsea Cresswell

Fab Group

Mary Crimp


Caitlin Crisp


Laureen Crockett


Andrea Croft


Victoria Crone


Sarah Crooks

Fieldwork Ltd 2016

Carla Cross

Bellingham Wallace

Kathryn Cross


Jenene Crossan Ltd

Emma Cruickshank

Public Libary Ltd

Amelia Crundwell

Jot & Scribble

Kai Cuff

TEDx Ruakura

Mary Cullingford

The Social Shop

Amy Cunningham


Karin Curran

Curran Research Associates Ltd

Georgia Currie

Georgia Alice Ltd

Anna Curzon