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Our development programmes are based on best practice thinking and real-world experience dedicated to progressing your thinking, skills and confidence.

Effective Strategies For Managing Cashflow

Date: October 11 | 10:30- 11:30 am

Expert: Kenina Court
Where: Zoom
Standard Fee | $65 + GST
Prime & Premium Fee | $46 + GST

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Peer Groups

Practical, focused, and encouraging these zoom sessions allow us to meet regularly with our peers from all over the country to share intelligence, tools and moral support with others who get it and are committed to having my back.

Emerging Business Owners

Next session: Wed 13th September
9:30am - 10:30am

Standard fee: $45.00
Free for Prime & Premium Members

When: Every second Wednesday.
Where: Zoom LIVE Video Call 

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Expert Forums

Our Expert Forums welcome all members and are a powerful way to share knowledge and connections for specific sectors. We'll add new Forum groups as soon as you'd like us to so just let us know!

Christina Wood | Liberty Brewing

"I love how empowered and strong I feel after speaking to another member. We have each others back and thrive on seeing each other succeed."

Recognising excellence

Women Entrepreneur Week

Women Entrepreneurs Week works to raise awareness and encourage women to think beyond the traditional parameters of success. We know success looks different to everyone and by recognising the many shapes and forms it comes in, we can help other wāhine define what success looks like for them.

Everyone has their own way of thinking, goals and priorities, and by championing the diversity of women's achievements, we encourage women to think beyond the known.
By dedicating a week to the accomplishments of women entrepreneurs and putting a spotlight on the diversity of success, we implore our members to chase their goals with passion, drive and continue to pave the way and make space for future women entrepreneurs.

Let's conect and kōrero!