Community Membership

Join the most generous business network for women in Aotearoa where we activate our resources and influence for each other. Check out the awesome inclusions with many more in pipeline!

>> The special intro offer of $99.95 is for a limited time, so let's share the word ladies so no woman misses out! <<

Community Membership

One of the major missing pieces in the career and business landscape has been a network that works the way women do.

We've built our whole offering for women on a Community and we've experienced the power of women's inbuilt desire to help, so we're opening the doors to make it available to all women.

Community Membership:

  • Just $99.95 (+GST) annually to ensure easy access
  • Your place in a generous career & business network
  • A Digital Platform rich with resources created by us and our community
  • Digital Events connecting women across Aotearoa

Real & Relevant

Our model is developed and led by experienced business women who've walked this journey and are part of this epic community. Driven by deep understanding of the distinctive needs of women, CoOfWomen is by women, for women.

Our People

What members say about the membership

Nazla Carmine

"Being able to access this very rich information, experience and wisdom from people who have been there, and done that would have been very difficult without my membership. It has just been gold for me."

Founder - Cocktail Collective

Anna Thompson Ford

"It's hard to say what I love most about membership but I'll start with the fact that Co.OfWomen are absolutely true to their motto, we've got your back. I feel truly supported in all aspects of my business growth journey."

Founder - Pro You

June Lau

"Membership has had many blessings. It's elevated me to be more strategic about my time and the Peer Support sessions make the journey less lonely and are a fabulous way to learn from each other."

Founder - Scissors

what I love about my membership

Megan May - Little Bird Organics


Co.OfWomen welcomes all who identify as a woman. No matter where your journey started, you are fully welcome here!

We have everything you'll need to help you understand and thrive in your new business. Get access to mentoring, coaching tailored to you, networking events and conferences where you can learn from others in our community. Learn from the most powerful, generous business womens network in New Zealand at every stage of success. We've literally got your back! 

Our Growth membership are for wāhine heading towards their ultimate role. Our Chief memberships are for women who are in their ultimate role (e.g. Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief of People, etc.)

We suggest choosing the option where you want to develop or put most of your attention when choosing a membership. But, we'll still be able to support you with any challenges you face in either too!

Your Membership Facilitator will connect you to the best business coach or mentor for where you are on your journey. As you grow and develop your coaching will reflect this as will the type of Mentor that's the best fit for you.

Community Membership is for all woman interested in being part of a Network that works the way women do. We made it cheap so all women can take part in it beacause the goal is to create a huge network dedicated to making connections with supporters and doing business easy.

Let's connect and kōrero!