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About Us

We develop high performing leaders and business owners through a curated programme of coaching, mentoring and training built on a generous network of women right across Aotearoa.

A note from our founder

"I've done many things in my career but nothing compares to the privilege of being the founder of this epic mission. Like most entrepreneurial journeys, this was not the path I set out on but with hindsight, I can see how everything that went before prepared me for this.

From the early days I've been driven to create a world-class model that women deserve. That commitment still fuels us every day and over more than a decade has seen us evolve, revolt, and reinvent - a way of being is now part of our DNA.

Women's distinctive socialisation has disenfranchised us in numerous ways.
In spite of this, we know that a core success driver for women is that all do well - not just me and mine.

Backing my belief in this mission, I've been a paid member of Co.OfWomen since day one and I invite you to join us in this movement - not only to add yourself to this community, but to add the richness of this world-class offering to your journey so we rise together in the fullness of our power."

Aroha nui,

What is Co.Of Women

We’ve been around for more than 10 years and in that time we have developed an unparalleled, world-class model serving the life cycle of a woman's success journey.

A community at our core, Co.OfWomen is a diverse, powerful and generous network of wāhine ready to activate their influence on behalf of each other. Some work within organisations we’re passionate about, innovating from the inside, others striking out on their own creating businesses, while others are proven leaders keen to share their learnings to help other wāhine grow.

We know power lives in every woman and our role is to equip women with the practical tools, knowledge and support to amplify their power to achieve the fullness of success.

We welcome women at every stage of success and all who identify as women. We can't wait to add your passion, talent and hopes to our community.

Our People

Our Founder

Tara Lorigan MNZM

The driving force behind Co.OfWomen, Tara pursued her own entrepreneurial ventures after a successful career in tech marketing in the UK and Aotearoa, leading the country's top tech incubator and developing its award-winning growth program.

Tara discovered a gap in the market when it came to women in business and combined her own passion for business and the science of human performance to create a practical offering to champion the success of women. She launched Co.OfWomen in March 2012, creating a world-class, comprehensive offering that is still unparalleled globally.

Tara's business qualification is from the University of Auckland and she is a trained Neuroscience Coach.

In recognition of her contributions to Women and Business, in 2016 Tara was honoured as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

Our Board

Sophie Gilmour | Board Chair

Sophie is the co-founder of iconic restaurant brand Bird on a Wire before leaving her budding law career to pursue entrepreneurship. After selling the business in 2019, she’s now involved in a number of hospitality ventures including Everybody Eats, Dine Aid, Fatimas and Future Food Aotearoa. As well as running her own consultancy, advising hospitality businesses on growth and sharing her extensive knowledge.

Tracey Taylor | Deputy Board Chair

Leading with aroha and a people-first approach, Tracey is an experienced director and CEO at Yellow, a multi-channel marketing agency with over 65+ years in business. Yellow has undergone a huge cultural shift in recent years, with Tracey playing an integral role in this in her former role as Chief People Officer. Now as CEO, she continues this innovative approach, drawing from the heart to develop a high-performing team.

Kaz Staples MNZM | Board Member

Founder of Pure Delish, Kaz grew the business from a seed of an idea to a strong business before selling in May 2019. She is most recently co-owner of gut tonic business Wild Delicious. Kaz is hugely passionate about the FMCG sector and mentoring growing businesses in this space to achieve their potential. Kaz was honoured as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2018 for her contributions to business.

Rachel Scudder | Board Member

Committed to the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of Pacific peoples Rachel built one of Aotearoa's largest public/private Pacifica education institutions. She has dedicated her career to empowering pacific people and uplifting businesses. Leader, lawyer and teacher, Rachel brings a unique perspective to Co.Of Women and an unending well of passion, empathy and knowledge.

Our Patrons

Dr Lee Mathias ONZM

Ranjna Patel ONZM

Theresa Gattung CNZM

Dame Bronwen Holdsworth DNZM

Peri Drysdale MBE

Wynnis Armour

Anne Norman CNZM

Kaz Staples MNZM

I love being part of the esteemed board of Co.OfWomen, adding my experience to such an important mission that I have always believed in. As a long term member I love that our community is a place where I get to spend time with some of the women I most admire in business.

Sophie Gilmour | Co.OfWomen Board Chair

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