Eskimo Nell's got one slogan ‘you do you’ and it’s all about that. There’s no judgment. We’re all on our own journey.

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A PERFECT FIRST GO – Start and you’ll learn along the way. If you don’t do something because you’re waiting for it to be perfect, that day will never come.
ASK – However outlandish it may seem. The worst someone can say is no. A lot of the time you’ll be surprised at what people will do for you if you connect.
HAVE NO ILLUSIONS – Apparel is not a glamorous business. Sorry about that! It’s a bit like women’s magazines; once you’re in it the facade comes crashing down.
BE AUTHENTIC – See your customers as more than just a sale. That person may have saved up and it’s the first thing they bought for themselves for a very long time.
KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS – We muddled around at first trying to connect with influencers that had a grid of neutrals and inspirational quotes. It was a total waste of time as they didn’t connect with the message of Eskimo Nell or or customers. As soon as we realised that our peeps were a bit edgy, not afraid to flip the bird, be themselves and say something controversial – the brand really started getting in front of the right people.