THEY PRIORITISE WELL – They understand their inherent value as the source of their success, so prioritise what they need (they are as kind to themselves as they are to others).
MAKE A DIFFERENCE – They understand that their business endeavours can fuel their drive to make a difference, so they are strongly commercial.
DON'T FLY SOLO – They seek out and surround themselves with people they trust, who can champion them and their endeavours.
CAN DELEGATE WELL – They know their own strengths and don’t put their vision and plans at risk by trying to do everything themselves.
TRUST THEIR INSTINCTS – They trust their gut. Having learned that their gut is always right, they don’t argue with it.
ARE LEGALLY SAVVY – They comprehensively understand their legal position and put structures in place to protect themselves and their assets.
GET WHAT THEY NEED – They have realistic expectations of themselves and their role and have learnt to ask for help and the support of others.
ARE NUMBERS SMART – They have a robust understanding of the financial aspects of their personal lives as well as their business endeavours.
REFLECT REGULARLY – They appreciate the fundamental role of reflection and quiet time in being creative and expanding their awareness.
CAN SELL THEMSELVES – They are supremely skilled at sales understanding that their success is contingent on selling their vision and plans, as well as their businesses offerings.