Failure, Smailure, Remember, it's a game we chose it so let's just get smarter at it.

OVERCOME YOUR FEAR OF 'FAILURE' - it's apparently the top one for women starting a business - think instead about failure as an asset, a learning curve and a necessary part of growth.
FOCUS ON CLARITY - if we know what we want, and have clear desires then it's only natural to develop the laser driven focus to deliver our goals
SACK YOUR INNER MEAN GIRL she's the voice in our heads telling us we can't do it. Work on a positive mindset. It's like a muscle, the more we do it the stronger it gets. Hell yeah.
GET DECISIVE, FAST. When decisions need to be made, we should move quickly and trust our instincts otherwise opportunities can pass us by and troublesome situations drag on...
KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. It's sooo important to know the details of our financials at all times. This is make or break stuff. The good news is this is NOT rocket science and when we know it it's truly empowering.
BE A GREAT LEADER. Create an environment that encourages and rewards productivity. Poor management such as micro managing, lack of systems, undervaluing or non communication are so easy to do but so easy to rectify!
SLOW DOWN. Growing too quickly can also be our downfall. It's great to be successful and even better to be hot property but planning out growth so we can manage and sustain it will mean all that hard work is rewarded.
BE FLEXIBLE. The old adage, failing to plan is planning to fail is only true if accompanied with an openness to what happens when we put the plan in motion. Most plans will need to be edited so keep 'em short and focused.
GET READY FOR VOMIT MOMENTS. The entrepreneurial life means we'll be constantly stepping outside our comfort zone to become the person who can deliver for ourselves. It's uncomfortable (but ultimately exhilerating!).
FAIL FAST. We've shared this wisdom bomb before from My Food Bag founder Cecilia Robinson. When something isn't working, pull the plug and accelerate the journey toward the thing that will work.