Time to champion me (yes, you)

One of the astounding things we've clarified at Co.ofWomen is the way our innate female strengths can get in our way when we apply them in a domain where they are not required. We now refer to this as 'the mother syndrome' where we unconsciously find ourselves in our business roles acting the role of mother (looking after everyone else, paying scant attention to ourselves, being 'nice', pleasing everyone, to name a few) and finding it's us that's not progressing.

To be absolutely clear, this is not about ignoring or suppressing our innate strengths. The business world would be a sorry place without them. What we're talking about is harnessing them so that they work for us, so that we can progress and see the results we want.

When we know how to look after ourselves, we are better bosses, partners mothers etc. So let's do that eh?

Pick one or pick 10 and watch yourself become more you

WRITE IT DOWN = diarise time for family, exercise and breaks (as well as business)
DRINK WATER = fill your water bottle for your desk & car and guarantee a better functioning body and brain
SET GOALS & PRIORITISE - write down 5 things you want to achieve tomorrow, at the end of the day
TURN OFF & TUNE IN - email, facebook, instagram, twitter and check in to yourself - be reflective and let the great thinking just flow
GET STARTED = Begin. It will get easier as your brain kicks in, and it will
DON'T MULTI-TASK = turn off your screens and get the thing you're focusing on done faster
TAKE A WALK = take a walk round the block, to the loo or up and down the stairs
REFUEL & RECHARGE = set your timer for regular times to eat, rehydrate and just breathe
STAND UP FOR YOURSELF = invest in a stand-up desk as guards against weight gain and metabolic syndrome
FIND YOUR CHAMPION(S) = Investigate virtual assistants and make an appointment with a mentor