plus membership - for experienced leaders

plus includes prime digital too

quality time with my peers

intimate gatherings with other leaders

share my knowledge widely

my experience captured to shared in video, podcasts & more

mentor emerging leaders

add my knowledge where I can make a difference

connect with our community

add my wisdom and be inspired by the next generation

build my community

from the emerging to the experienced

$510+ p/a

4 IMPORTANT NOTES = (1) a one-off set-up fee of $150 (+GST) applies to plus (2) all memberships can be canceled after 12 months (3) you can pay in one-off or by 12-installment options (4) pricing shown is GST exclusive

Check out these outstanding inclusions with plus

Opportunities to connect with my peers and make a big difference for emerging leaders

  • community membership
  • tickets to each of the 3 camps
  • 20% off other events and options
  • our digital platform exclusively featuring our members
  • add your experience through mentoring and at events & programmes