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$30 p/m


You're at the earlier stage of developing your career or business and keen for the most cost effective support.

PRIME INCLUDES community, 24/7 digital knowledge & learning platform, chat support, fortnightly LIVE mentoring sessions

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$115 p/m

for next level growth

You're in growth mode and want know-how, connections, tools & resources to get to your next level.

PREMIUM INCLUDES world class practical support with regular coaching & mentoring, fortnightly peer sessions, leader fundamentals programme, buddy programme, up to 60% off our programmes, tickets to both annual conferences and Hall of Fame ceremony plus Community and digital platform 

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$52 p/m

For Experienced Leaders

You've done the yards, love to spend time with your peers and to make a difference - PLUS is perfect for you.

PLUS INCLUDES Community, digital content platform + tickets to both annual conferences + ticket to annual Hall of Fame ceremony + quarterly peer events + add your experience to next generation leaders + 20% off events & programmes

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>> Not sure if PREMIUM is the best option for you? No prob, we've included a 20-day trial period for you so you can check!

>> Set-up Fee - a one-off set-up fee of $200 (+gst) applies to PREMIUM - $150 (+gst) for PLUS and $50 (+gst) for PRIME.

Guest Passes = Back another woman's success

If available, we'd love to provision a guest pass to our Conferences for you to host another woman who is ready to activate a PREMIUM membership (she'll save $200+gst too).