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LITE Digital
$5 p/m

a gobsmackingly affordable start

Lite gives you our awesome co. magazine + micro videos + tips + priority invites to progs & events a place in NZ's largest business community.

It features 100% our community, across the spectrum, sharing about success AND our resources focused on the skills, habits and mindset that champion success.

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PRIME Digital
$17.45 p/m

our full digital platform 


= extensive videos + podcasts + stories + tools & tips + co. magazne + be part of in NZ's largest business community.
= 100% our community sharing the how-to of success + skills, habits and mindset resources to champion yours.

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$70.45 p/m

the hands-on option

>> SIGN-UP BY OCT 20th = $172.50 OFF

= coaching & mentoring + facilitated connections + camp tickets + 30% off programmes + our full digital platform.
= world class support featuring trained coaches + mentors dedicated to championing your success.

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Guest Passes = Back another woman's success

If available, we'd love to provision a guest pass to Camp for you to host another woman who wants to activate a premium membership at Camp (she'll save $150+gst too!).