Our memberships develop confident, high performers by providing wrap around support with coaching, mentoring, training and events, built on a generous network of thousands of women across Aotearoa.

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Being able to access this very rich information, experience and wisdom from people who have been there and done that would have been difficult without my membership. It has just been gold for me. 

Nazla Carmine | Founder, Cocktail Collective

What I love about my membership

Megan May

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Mandy Tomlinson

General Manager
Taylor Boutique

Merryn Straker

Co Founder
Straker International

Julia Grace

Mental Health Educator & Speaker
Julia Grace

Membership FAQ

For women in business we provide an all-in-one business growth and development resource built on a community that is the biggest New Zealand's businesswomens' network including leadership coaching and mentoring, plus events and training programmes.

Membership focuses on creating a journey dedicated to your success. These journeys are completely tailored to you, taking into consideration the tools, learning, guidance and connections you'll need to get to your next level. Once you activate your membership, your dedicated Membership Facilitator will set up a zoom session to start the process. She becomes your go-to person for any requests and will ensure you're feeling confident and buoyant as your journey progresses, and that you don't miss out any any of the awesome activities for relevance for your journey.

Both employed and self-employed memberships provide access to coaching, mentoring, learning and development and networkng events to connect with other women in business. But memberships are focused on the distinctive needs of women from each domain as while there are some things both have in common, each has different needs, challenges and opportunities related to the dynamics of their environment and situation. Our focus is on ensuring members get specifically what they need, relevant to their journey.

One of the major advantages of membership is the community on which we are built. Featuring women at every stage of success, this is a powerful place for networking with women in business through intimate gatherings to large groups and face-to-face and online options.

Membership provides access to options for lots of different types of Mentors. Your membership facilitator will work with you to determine the best fit for you and if you prefer, can set up the connection for you. Your membership facillitator will be your go-to person to help find a mentor, but you can also approach women in our community.

We have a combination of online and offline, in-person events so there are lots of ways to connect and network with other women in business.

Membership is for all women, at every stage of success. Our Prime & Premium memberships focus on a programme of options tailored to the needs of each woman. We have the direct support, peers and mentors that women will benefit from at every stage as we've built the most powerful, generous business womens network in Aotearoa.

Absolutely! We'd love to kōrero with you. We're here to answer any of your questions and we'd love to book a time to speak with you. Email with your best number and we'll call you asap!

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