Confidence is a critical element of success, and as women, we have a distinctive, often limiting relationship with it. 

There's no question that confidence can be built, that it’s easy to build and that once we have it, it can’t be lost.  But, and it's a big but, many of us can lack confidence and for the most part it's for no good reason.  We question our capacity and capability even when the evidence exists that 'we've got this'.  One of the problems is, we don't check and regardless of whether we can do what we're questioning, if we think we can't - we can't.

This webinar sets the record straight about this female dynamic so that we are aware of our habits in this area. It will shows us how to replace ineffective habits with ones that works. Most importantly it we will learn how-to ensure that bedrock of confidence is available to us, on demand so we get out of our own way and charge forward toward what we want to achieve. Nothing less than we each deserve.

The first part of the live webinar we'll work through the how-to elements. In the second part we'll go into a Q&A session so you can get specific pointers for yourself as well as learning through the questions of others.

We look forward to adding to your success tool-kit.

We've got your back.

Thursday, Jun 6th , 9.30am - 10.30am
The Internet - at your venue of choice!
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leading this session

Co.OfWomen founder, Tara Lorigan, will lead this session.  You can check out her bio if you're after more creds but we can tell you that in addition to growing the country's largest female business support company, she is also a highly experienced neuroscience based coach and marketing expert.

about The Webinar Series

The Webinar Series is new to our how-to offerings for 2019.

There are two things that drive our thinking about everything we develop. Firstly, that our members are extremely short of time. Secondly, that often what stops us accessing what we need is lack of funds to do so.

The webinar series, we hope, is a great next step in addressing both.

Each webinar will have a learning component followed by an open, curated, Q&A session where we take the tools, thinking and theories and make the relevant to you so you can progress to mastering them and experience less pain and more ease on your success journey.

about the webinar series

  • you can participate in a webinar anywhere as long as you have a phone or computer
  • the webinars are video based but you can also turn off the video and listen instead if preferable
  • once you register you'll receive a confirmation so you can lock it into your schedule
  • the day before the webinar you'll be sent the log on/in details for the webinar
  • during the webinar you'll be able to see the facilitator and resources they use
  • during the Q&A we can turn on your video, so the facilitator and participants can also see you.

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