Our final 2018 Camp features The Great Debate

The subject of female success is one that has a singular, often victim laden focus in the public domain, as amplified with dismaying regularity by the media.  Given how inadequately that represents our success, we decided to create a platform that would facilitate women discussing our success, on our terms.

We're fortunate to have so many, diverse role models within our community. Feminists who have dug deep and created their own success and, and from this created a huge impact. These women are from every stage along that success journey and it's from this stellar group of women we draw our debating teams for this second event. Bring it on.

Wednesday, Oct 24th , 2.30pm - 6.00pm
ASB CUBE, LEVEL 1, 12 Jellicoe St, North Wharf AK
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The Great Debate format

  • 6 women will be invited to be part of the 2018 teams
  • Two of these women will lead each team
  • None of the debaters will know until one hour before the debate takes place:
    •  who who else is in each team
    • what the moot (topic) for debate is and
    • whether they are to debate for or against the moot
  • They will have one hour to prepare
  • An independent adjudicator will determine the outcome (winner)

Our 2017 moot = 'the greater the success, the bigger the #itch"

This was the feisty and fantastic moot that saw Theresa Gattung (negative) pit hers and her teams skills against Dame Julie Christie (affirmative) and her team.  Julie was crowned the winner of that inaugural debate and 2018 will take on another relevant great topic.

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Session 1 = The Great Debate

Co.OfWomen founder Tara Lorigan will lead a reflective session that explores the essential leadership focus that can deliver to the intention and aspirations of the founder in a faster, less painful journey.

Session 2 = panel discussion on debate topic

Co.OfWomen Board Chair, Theresa Gattung will lead a lively discussion with a panel that features owners of Bird on a Wire, Jump Trampoline Parks and Forme Spa & Wellbeing who share from their unique and diverse experiences as practical examples from the road less traveled.

cocktail function

As always, Camp prioritises time to build and renew connections and importantly, in recognition of our collective successes, to toast these as we hover momentarily between past achievements and future expectations!


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