power^UP PLUS is a follow-on leadership development programme focused on optimal performance, for graduates of the core power^UP programme. 

The focus of power^UP PLUS is to provision ongoing leadership growth and personal performance mastery that supports the outcomes of most importance for each of us.

The programme was developed in response to graduates desire to continue to focus on their own growth, continue to learn from and retain peer support and to have structured, strategic time away from the demands of life and business and to continue to develop themselves as key to their success journey

The learning components featured in the programme deliver the very latest in research and thinking on performance and leadership. 

>> power^UP PLUS will create increased commercial acumen, enhanced leadership, more effective teams, better business outcomes, more peace of mind and as a result a contented me.

Thursday, Mar 26th , 7.00am - 9.30am
Level 2, 300 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland
for your budget
$3900+gst (standard price)
$2730+ gst (PREMIUM member price)

power^UP PLUS ensures my growth and development remain a central focus as key to the ongoing success of my business and life.

power^UP runs in modules of 5 so those who prefer can have a start and stop to the programme. Others who prefer an ongoing commitment can remain on the programme as long as they choose, and will be billed for each 5-months. 

power^UP PLUS Sessions:

  • are on the fourth Thursday of each month starting 26 March
  • run from 7am - 9.30am
  • have an interactive, round table workshop format
  • feature new learning, key issues discussion and personal reflection & planning components
  • focus on enhancing self awareness + expanding confidence & grit, developing performance habits + growing leadership skills + growing commercial acumen 
  • leverage the very latest in thinking and research in science
power^UP PLUS:
  • includes a peer momentum programme
  • can be joined at any time
  • is offered in 5-session blocks
  • can be paid upfront or in instalments*

Join with other grads in setting aside quality time to ensure ongoing growth to deliver the results of most importance!

(*$80 admin fee applies)

power^UP PLUS ensures

  • fresh thinking to invigorate my own
  • enhanced skills and commercial acumen
  • a sounding board to challenge and validate my thinking
  • a confidential platform for expanding my thinking
  • support/resources to ensure I make progress at my pace
  • new levels of confidence and ease
  • momentum in the areas of most importance for me

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