for many of us the combined stretch of growing a business and other life priorities can mean quality thinking time is hard to get. power!up makes that problem a thing of the past.

Co.OfWomen partner with EY to deliver power!up – a top notch programme to address these challenges that, those of us going for growth will face. 

power!up provides a small group format where we meet together on a monthly basis to do quality thinking, ensure your plans are focused and delivering, build your commercial thinking,  and to have our thinking and networks expanded. In between sessions, a momentum programme ensures you stay on track and feeling confident.

power!up will add new frameworks for thinking as sessions are led by experts and experienced entrepreneurs, women who have paved the way and want to share what they know for your benefit.

power!up features 6 sessions that focus on

  • personal performance
  • financial acumen
  • growth plans
  • leadership
  • exit strategies
  • governance and advisory boards

date: Thursday, Jun 22nd , 7.30am - 12.30pm
for your budget
$7,100 (standard price)

at a glance

  • sessions run from 7.30am – 10.30am
  • are held on the fourth Thur of each month
  • provide a small group format
  • sessions include experienced entrepreneurs/experts
  • provides a consistent opportunity to do quality thinking and see progress
  • will expand your network of champions

what you'll get

  • fresh thinking to invigorate your own
  • enhanced skills and commercial acumen to make your business grow
  • a sounding board to challenge and validate your thinking
  • a confidential platform for expanding your thinking
  • support/resources to ensure you making progress at the pace you want
  • direct access to trusted experts
  • new levels of confidence
  • momentum in the areas of importance to you

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