Resilience is an essential trait not only for a success journey, but for an optimal life. But how do you build resilience and is unbreakable resilience possible? Yes.

But such is the tolerance we have now built up as a society to the opposite of resilience - states such as anxiety and the often accompanying depression that we risk people drawing the conclusion that it's not possible in  the face of truly challenging times to have a robust psychological (aka stable, optimal, buoyant) response to anything that life throws at us.

The problem is that 'life' will throw the unexpected, the unplanned and the unwanted 'at us'. This is the very nature of life on planet earth and, more to the point, these three are unwelcomed by most adults to our determent.

The good news is that like any trait resilience can be taught, can be learnt and that the resulting peace, power and joy in the face of anything is truly possible.

In this the first of our lunchtime MiniSeries Sessions awesome Co.OfWomen member Jenny Joblin joins our founder Tara Lorigan in this thrifty two part session where we will see an epic resilience journey through Jenny's sharing and then unfold a three step process that will guarantee you build your own unbreakable resilience. Hell yes!

Thursday, Oct 15th , 12.00pm - 1.00pm
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MiniSeries >> Resilience

​ In this practical and interactive session we will :

  • hear Jenny's epic story of resilience
  • clarify what resilience is (and what it's not)
  • share a powerful 3-step process to developing unbreakable resilience

So, basically, everything you need to RULE your world with peace & power. You're welcome ladies.

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About The MiniSeries Sessions

These monthly sessions are designed to deliver bite-sized, practical learning partnered with real world examples for women aspiring to be the best versions of themselves. They are offered at a price to make world class learning on a regular basis accessible meaning I'll achieve more momentum, and more of the results of importance for my success journey!

about Tara Lorigan - founder Co.OfWomen

As founder of Co.OfWomen - a movement and support organisation dedicated to championing female success - Tara has been uncompromising in her commitment to develop a model that makes a demonstrable impact on the female success journey. At the core of this is ensuring women know 'how' to stand in our own power and that they have ready access to the resources that will serve them in getting to each next level. What drives this is the knowledge that empowered women change the world.

about Jenny Joblin - founder Federation

Jenny is a frontier leader in the fashion scene in Aotearoa as founder of the country's first streetwear brand. She has by her own admission learnt how to be an entrepreneur on the journey and many of her lessons the hard way - which we also know is the actual way! But this woman who almost lost her business found the internal resources at every challenging juncture to ensure losing wasn't the outcome! Jenny is a true creative and a beautiful, considerate human being making a big, positive difference on planet with her talent and here at Co.OfWomen, we're stoked to call her sister!

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