The Mini MBA builds commercial competence & confidence to deliver both balance and, business results you deserve

For many of us the combined stretch of growing a business and other life priorities can make quality thinking and learning time hard to get, and often means we progress slower and often more painfully. The Mini MBA programme makes that problem a thing of the past.

>> The Mini MBA delivers a programme of learning dedicated to advancing the goals of most importance to you and the business. The programme does this by developing the leadership skills, commercial acumen, and performance habits that will underpin and sustain you and ensure momentum.  

>> Over seven months in sessions led by a range of experts you'll have dedicated time to work on yourself, your business and goals - to do relevant learning and quality thinking. 

>> A Peer Partnering programme, pairs you with a different wahine on the programme each month to ensure a continuous, productive focus on the business and moral support that keeps you buoyant. 

>> Additional coaching and mentoring ensure that you have additional support, specific to your needs.

>> Importantly, the Graduation feature of the programme ensures that learning is  translated to the outcomes of most importance for us.

Wednesday, Jan 31st , 7.00am - 11.00am
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Our Mini MBA is a leadership and business development programme to build commercial competence & confidence.

As business owners, carving out time for quality thinking and learning can be difficult when we're focused on the doing.  There's so much to learn as we grow our businesses that it can be overwhelming and this often impacts the progress and success we work so hard to achieve.

The Mini MBA has been developed with an understanding of these challenges and provides the learning need to expand our know-how and confidence and an intentional, systematic approach to developing your leadership and business.

Led by experts the Mini MBA covers key business fundamentals required for us to develop into confident effective leaders to see our business achieve the success we deserve.

Mini MBA - Programme format

  • 6 Modules Leadership, Managing People, Financials, Strategy, Planning, Role of Director and Exit
  • Face to face & zoom Delivered over 6 months with six face to face 4-hour workshop sessions each month, and a group zoom check-in session with programme Facilitator between each session
  • Expert team Each module features a workshop facilitated by experienced experts 
  • A Powerful Peer Group Participants are partnered up with different person in the group each month to act as your champion, building a close circle around you 
  • Graduation process A Graduation process dedicated to ensuring the learning is translated into visible outcomes for the leader and the business
  • Graduation A Graduation event at the end of the programme where participants present their business plans to each other and an experienced entrepreneur
  • Time Commitment Weekly commitment of 2 hours including a partner call, reflection assessments, reading and exercises focused on embedding leadership habits and developing robust business practices. 


What you’ll experience over the 6 months

  • A programme based on the practical reality of an owner-led business, with a focus on leadership, growth and sustainability
  • A transformation in your energy, clarity of focus and thinking and confidence
  • A confidential platform to expand, challenge and validate your thinking
  • An Interactive, practical workshop format for shared peer learning and skill development
  • The transition to the role of 'leader' over 'doer' and what activating your distinctive leadership will add to your business, team and life
  • Direct support in the form of coaching and mentoring in between sessions for any specific needs around the new learning.

What you’ll take away

  • Enhanced skills and business acumen to grow your business
  • Support and resources to ensure you progress at your optimal pace
  • An succinct business plan to focus energy on delivering your most important goals
  • A powerful understanding of your role as leader and how to shape this role to serve your business
  • Understanding of your optimal performance mode and how to tap into this
  • Development of fundamental leader habits and qualities that focus on time, balance, strategic thinking and team motivation



Sessions run on the LAST THURSDAY of each month - 7am - 11.00am

  • Session 1: Leadership
  • Session 2: Managing People
  • Session 3: Financials
  • Session 4: Business Strategy
  • Session 5: Business Planning
  • Session 6: Advisors, Exit & Role of Director
  • Session 7: GRADUATION pm


> Government funding for Capability Building Grants are potentially available and apply to this programme - see your local Economic Development Agency - >>> find yours here

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