Our Mini MBA is a leadership and business development programme to build commercial competence & confidence

For many of us the combined stretch of growing a business and other life priorities can make quality thinking and learning time hard to get, and often means we progress slower and often more painfully. Mini MBA makes that problem a thing of the past.

The programme delivers a programme of learning dedicated to you advancing the goals of most importance to you and the business.  It features key strategic aspects of our leadership and business development.  Over six months in sessions led by awesome experts we get dedicated time to work on ourselves, our business and goals - to do learning and quality thinking and to have this translated to outcomes in our business. 

Tuesday, Dec 14th , 7.00am - 9.00am
Level 2, 300 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland
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$8550 +gst (standard price)
$5985 +gst (premium member price)

Mini MBA focuses on equipping business owners for growth

This six-month programme is led by highly experienced experts, comprises six core business modules and is facilitated via zoom. 

Between sessions, a weekly commitment of one hour is estimated to include a partner call, reflection assessments, reading and exercises focused on embedding leadership habits and developing robust commercial practices.  These are not on top of business activity, they run alongside an enhance the role you are already playing making you and the business function optimally.

Sessions take a workshop format and are facilitated by trained, experienced business coaches and feature world-class experts and mentors.

Between sessions, one on one coaching is provided to ensure the distinctive needs of each participant is accommodated.

Mini MBA - 6 Modules

This comprehensive programme provides six modules focused on Leadership + Management + Financials + Customers + Plans + Advisors & Exit. The programme's unique Graduation mechanism focuses on ensuring that the learning is embedded in the leader and the business.

Join other business owners in setting aside quality time to develop high levels of confidence and competence to deliver the results of most importance.

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outcomes i'll get from power-UP

You'll develop a clarity and confidence for

  • my overall role as 'ceo' and how to function and deliver in this role
  • my business as a whole commercial entity across all core functions
  • what my optimal performance mode consists of and how to activate this
  • how to be in control of my time to achieve both balance and the delivery of our business goals
  • my qualities as a leader and how to elicit performance from my team
  • our optimal, succinct business plan to deliver on my strategic goals to focus myself and our team
  • the optimal advisory function and exit strategt for my business

Mini MBA will give me

  • learning from highly experienced experts
  • fresh thinking to invigorate my own
  • enhanced skills and commercial acumen to make my business grow
  • a sounding board to challenge and validate my thinking
  • a confidential platform for expanding my thinking
  • support/resources to ensure I make progress at my pace
  • new levels of confidence and ease
  • momentum in the areas of most importance for me and my business



Sessions run on the fourth Tuesday of each month - 7.30am - 11.30am

  • INDUCTION - December 14th - 7am - 9am
  • Session 1: January 25th - Leadership
  • Session 2: February 22nd - Management
  • Session 3: March 22nd - Financials
  • Session 4: April 26th - Customers
  • Session 5: May 24th - Plans
  • Session 6:June 28th - Advisors & Exit
  • GRADUATION - July 26th - 3-6pm


> Premium member discounts are between 30-50%

> Government funding for Capability Building Grants are potentially available and apply to this programme - see your local Economic Development Agency - >>> find yours here

enquire about payment options: concierge@coofwomen.biz

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