We’re fortunate to live in a time and place where opportunity abounds, a time when many women have come to the forefront, risen to the top and who are making that place count in a diverse range of important ways.

ignite gathers together these women, the game changers whose endeavours have altered industries, impacted economies, provided employment for myriads and who lever their commercial gains into philanthropic endeavours to make the biggest difference possible.

Most of all ignite facilitates an intimate environment so we can make meaningful  connections, be inspired and add the weight of our experience to make a bigger difference.

Hosted in the home of our experienced members, each IGNITE gathering features an interview and discussion with one of our experienced entrepreneurs facilitated by Co.OfWomen's eminent Chair, Theresa Gattung CNZM. This is followed by time for informal connecting and conversations.

Wednesday, Nov 13th , 3.00pm - 6.00pm
Central Auckland - provided on registration
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Standard Ticket $420 +gst
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Featuring Dr Lee Mathias

We're delighted to spotlight Dr Lee Mathias in this sessions interview seat

Lee was an innovator way before she conceived her first entrepreneurial venture - the model for Birthcare - as a university project when studying for her MBA. She is equal part academic, public servant and entrepreneur – arguably a woman without peer so rare is her prowess and her successes across these truly diverse sectors.

A woman now approaching her seventh decade, Lee is and has been a feminist from her youth and experienced the sharp end of a world not ready for that thinking on many occasions.

As founding Chair of Co.OfWomen, she was our founder Tara Lorigan’s first mentor. She was also the first person to agree that this model had merit and was prepared to roll up her sleeves to ensure it would be made as widely available as possible as a practical support to women on their journey – something she wished she had been able to access for herself.

Lee is still up to her elbows in a range of initiatives as an investor and director and represents the first generation of women empowered to be vital into what would have previously been called old age.

We look forward to this opportunity to get to know this exemplar more and welcome you to join us.

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