We’re fortunate to live in a time and place where opportunity abounds. A time when many women have come to the forefront, risen to the top, and who are making that place count in a range of important ways.

IGNITE gathers together these women; the game-changers whose endeavours have altered industries, impacted economies, provided employment for many, and lever their commercial gains into philanthropic endeavours to make the biggest difference possible.

This event fills missing space in our female journey – the ability to spend quality, intimate time with experienced women to learn, often in awe, from the gutsy trailblazing journey that has been theirs. Queens one and all. 

Most of all, IGNITE facilitates an intimate environment so we can make meaningful connections, be inspired, and add the weight of our experience to make a bigger difference.

Hosted by Co.OfWomen patron, Theresa Gattung, each IGNITE gathering features an interview and discussion with one of our most experienced members and is followed by a time of discussion and questions.

>> only 30 places available

Wednesday, May 12th , 3.00pm - 6.00pm
Central Auckland - provided on registration
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Standard Ticket $380 +gst
Member discounts up to 50% apply

>> only 30 places available

Partnerships in business and life for optimal outcomes

Our May session takes on the subject of partnering from both a business and personal perspective. It will unpack the imperatives of setting up both to ensure our financial stability. Many women have suffered unnecessary commercial and personal consequences as a result of not doing so and this session brings two fantastic members together to lead the discussion in both areas.

About Marisa

Marisa is the co-founder of The Madison Group, one of the most successful New Zealand owned national recruitment firms which they sold to the publicly listed AWF Group for $36 million in 2014. Her passion for both women and business means she has been busy since then with a range of business and philanthropic endeavours in various governance roles. Excitingly, her entrepreneurial journey is by no means complete as she's shown with the development of a new product business she's developing in the beauty space.

About Bridgette

A cocktail of influences propelled Bridgette to found Equal Exes. She is a Divorce & Settlement Expert, a CDC certified Divorce/Separation Coach, and a qualified lawyer, but a major driver was her own particularly tricky divorce. Becoming a sole parent to her four children highlighted the myriad ways she had left herself unprotected from this eventuality. With that, she became dedicated to the wellbeing of others going through this and so was the birth of a unique business focused on delivering fair outcomes. They have become known for delivering successful financial settlements from difficult relationships and she is an evangelist for ensuring other women avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

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