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co. (said company) magazine is dedicated to harnessing and sharing the wisdom of our community as a contribution to each of us. 

What we care most about at Co.OfWomen is that everyone of us is equipped to be as successful as we're capable of being on the journey we've dedicated ourselves to, and that means growing in understanding, confidence and know-how.  Every issue of the magazine is singularly dedicated to sharing that wisdom, knowledge and know-how that we call the how-to of success.

Our cover member for Issue 12 is the fabulous Dame Trelise Cooper and we're stoked to be the first magazine ever, to share her story in it's unedited form - that is, 25 glorious pages of the behind the Dame intel on her journey. But there are 8 other members filling up this issue, eager to share what they're learning too!

We really hope you can come join together with other awesome members to learn and celebrate over bubbles, tea and other delectables for an afternoon of practical delight!

Thursday, May 9th , 3.00pm - 6.00pm
The Waterfront Theatre - The Villa Maria Room -138 Halsey St, Auckland, 1010 Auckland
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Bring your comfy clothes and notepads because we’ve gathered up the members who contributed to Issue 12 and together we’re going to dig into the how-to of turning dreams into reality.

This will be a time of coming out of our collective isolation to join together as a community to discuss the practicalities of Issue 12's focus, #IHadADream. Turns out dreams are easy, its' the turning them into reality is the tricky part but as an entrepreneurial community, we know for sure that this is about trying and learning and repeating that over and over until we get to awesome.

This is a superb time to get fresh thinking to add to yourself and that journey, plus fresh energy from connecting with others in our community, dedicated to championing each other.

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