Coaching will empower you to have your life work your way by focusing on the pathways to achieving any results you want, in any area you choose.

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Coaching is ideal if you’re ready to discover greater satisfaction, motivation, confidence and results.

Coaching has been proven to be one of the most effective approaches to delivering specific outcomes and sustained change. The coach 1:1 programme will help you to create relevant and inspiring goals backed up by clear plans, a mindset to achieve the result you want and agility in overcoming any challenges on the way.

This programme is ideal if you're taking on next level in areas such as leadership, skill and trait development, new projects

(note: if business growth is the key focus for you – biz is the programme we offer for this)

the process

coach 1:1 gets underway by first selecting the best coach for you.

The first step in the programme is specifically clarifying the focus of the coaching programme by identifying your key goals.  This is followed by developing the plan to achieving these.

Sessions focus on creating progress plus what you need to deliver on your goals with your coach acting as your champion and holding you accountable.

what you’ll get

  • greater clarity & sense of purpose
  • increased motivation, resilience and confidence
  • freedom from limiting beliefs, habits or fears
  • greater effectiveness, focus and productivity
  • more expansive thinking and resourcefulness
  • more of the results you want for yourself and your life
  • more joy, balance, energy & fulfilment

your coach

Your coach will be trained, skilled and experienced and committed to championing your goals and results by

  • bringing a robust, neuroscience based process that will support your growth and results
  • facilitating your thinking to ensure you make quality decisions
  • noticing what you’re not noticing and raise it, expanding your awareness
  • asking the questions you may not have yet asked
  • bring increased accountability to support momentum toward results you want
  • keeping you moving forward coaching is about action that will get you to be
  • encouraging you by being your most enthusiastic supporter
  • challenging and stretching you so you expand your thinking and options

time frames

The initial co.coaching programme runs for three months and provides 2 x 90-minute coaching sessions each month. Sessions are delivered face to face, and via LIVE video.

In addition to the scheduled coaching sessions, you’ll have access to your coach between sessions when additional time would be useful and check-in sessions can also be included (at no additional cost).

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