The Co.OfWomen coaching formula is built the unique approach that merges the science of human performance + practice of entrepreneurship.

This unique blend creates new understanding that applied to a diverse range of challenges, is proven to deliver better, faster results for entrepreneurs.

the programme is delivered in 2 formats

The programme is delivered in two formats; for individual owner operators or for 2+ owner operators.

The coaching process gets underway with an assessment of yourself and your business.

This forms the basis of the coaching programme and helps identify all the aspects that will benefit from focus throughout the coaching engagement.  This is followed by a session specifically to develop the goals, outcomes and results you want to focus on.

Sessions focus on creating progress, plus what you need to deliver on your goals with your coach acting as your champion, holding you accountable.  They will also accommodate for dealing with any burning issues that may present.

Beyond sessions, your coach is available to you throughout the month to provide input, morale support and additional resources.

A monthly and quarterly review process will bring your goals and results into sharp focus, ensuring the level of progress for you is maintained.

business owners take time out of their biz in sessions that focus on building momentum against identified goals. Progress is tracked to ensure ongoing momentum. 

  • biz is facilitated by trained experienced coaches with business ownership experience
  • starts with an in-depth assessment process to expand & clarify thinking around what would best support the progress toward results
  • followed by a planning & goal setting session
  • each month there are up to 3 sessions in a row that run for up to 90 minutes
  • sessions focus on developing and building on the plans, skills and connections that support results.
  • sessions focus on a mix of business, leadership and personal performance
  • introductions to a wide network of trusted, skilled experts and supporters are provided
  • connections to a relevant community of entrepreneurs from which to learn and contribute to are also offered

Co.OfWomen - Shed 4 (Yellow Bldg), City Works Depot, 90 Wellesley St AK
for your budget
$2500 +gst standard monthly fee (per month)
$1750 +gst premium member fee (per month)

focus is designed to meet the specific needs of each business owner and brings new levels of focus that ensure consistent momentum in areas often including

  • personal performance
  • leadership
  • team building
  • funding/investment
  • transitioning in/out of the biz
  • balance
  • governance
  • communication
  • confidence
  • planning

your coach

your coach will be trained, skilled and experienced and committed to championing your goals and results by:

  • bringing a robust process that will support your growth and results
  • facilitating your thinking to ensure you make quality decisions
  • noticing what you’re not noticing and raise it (expanding your awareness)
  • asking the questions you may not have yet asked
  • bring increased accountability to support momentum toward results you want
  • being a mirror to reflect how you’re being
  • keeping you moving forward coaching is about action that will get you to where you want to be
  • encouraging you by being your most enthusiastic supporter
  • challenging and stretching you to see you expand your thinking and options

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