Emily Miller-Sharma is a powerful blend of creative, capitalist and humanist - a potent mix making her one of the nicest, smartest and coolest gals you'll get to hang with.

That's just for starters!  The oldest girl in the Ruby family dynasty - she's also designer, general manager and mum to a vibrant toddler.  

Emily's learnt work the old fashioned way with grit and high expectations from parents who built a business and expected that if their children wanted in, hard work was the pathway.

For the last several years she has led one of the most successful New Zealand national fashion brands on both the business and design side. Emily has led Ruby through some of its toughest times and come through with shining colours. Her mum Christine, recently inducted by Co.OfWomen into the New Zealand Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs, speaks with nothing but respect and glowing pride of the mark she is making on what her and husband Vere Sharma started. 

Emily's drive, values and desire to bring an often non-collaborative industry together is most recently reflected in the launch of Mindful Fashion -  an organisation dedicated to being not just the antidote to that but to promoting a more sustainable, planet conscious approach.

Early 2020 saw Emily enter a whole new phase of life as she welcomed her first child and with him the new demand for creating a raft of new ways of operating.

She's stoked for the opportunity to share with the sisters how she's navigating that hugely important role with a career she's hugely passionate about. 

Wednesday, Sep 15th , 12.00pm - 1.00pm
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Ms Emily Miller-Sharma

In this awesome session we'll hear about Emily's career trajectory, plus growing into a leader, blending commerce and creativity, commerce and sustainability and the ultimate quest to better understand how all that can be achieved as motherhood and family clamour for as much of her heart and time.

>> Join us at this session to add to your thinking and ensure your eyes remain on the frontiers of your own success journey.

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