Women's Power Week Launched

Women's Power Week Launched

Leading women business organisation, Co.ofWomen have launched Women's Power Week to recognise, celebrate, and unleash the power of women.
Leading women business organisation, Co.ofWomen have launched Women Power Week to recognise, celebrate, and unleash the power of women.

The week will include a range of launches, announcements and highlights, including:

· A social media campaign to promote women’s recognition of their power and what that means to them.

· The launch of Co.OfWomen Patron’s Fund to champion high-potential women for whom money may be a barrier

· The annual induction ceremony for three remarkable women into the New Zealand Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs on October 21st

Co.OfWomen initiated Women Power Week as an annual event in 2020 to celebrate the unique and innate power women hold. “Women power manifests itself through compassionate, ambitious, strategic, and strong women.” says Co.OfWomen founder and CEO Tara Lorigan.

Tara explained “Power is commonly associated with strength. In turn, power is linked to physical prowess or financial might, and often utilised as a positive descriptor for men.”

“Women Power Week seeks to unlock a collective conversation that celebrates the greatness of women, normalise women embracing their own brand of power, and champion the brilliant world-changing things women do when they harness it.”

Co.OfWomen recognises the possibility for the diminished sense of power women may be experiencing in the wake of the pandemic. The most recent report from Stats NZ shows 10,000 women make up the 11,000 people who became unemployed after the initial COVID-19 lockdown.

“The disproportionate representation of women in the job loss and underutilisation statistics asserts the relevancy and necessity for Women's Power Week. Now more than ever, the power of women must be acknowledged and celebrated by people across the board.”

Co.OfWomen suggest that to support Women's Power Week, people can:

- Amplify other women: Give credit to your women co-workers, celebrate powerful women in your life, highlight the power traits of women

- Teach girls their worth: Have conversations with the girls and young women about their place, worth and role in society to dismantle harmful gender stereotypes in our next generation

- Commit to a cause: Pick a gender equality issue you are passionate about and harness your power to make a difference to the world.

To find out more about Women's Power Week, visit coofwomen.biz/We need to add a section, taralorigan.com, and Co.OfWomen’s social media channels @Co.OfWomen on Instagram and LinkedIn and Companyofwomen on Facebook.

For any inquiries about Women's Power Week including how you can get involved or show your support, email tara@coofwomen.biz or marketing@coofwomen.biz